Brake Repair Service

Today’s anti-lock braking systems are becoming more complex and advanced with each new model vehicle released.  PEPCAR workshops have the latest electronic brake system diagnostic equipment and brake servicing equipment to test and repair your whole braking system.

Your cars brake pads are constantly under enormous amounts of stress and it is critical that they are inspected properly at every service. If the brake pads require replacing then you should only use quality replacement brake pads to ensure maximum life and minimum noise.

The hydraulic brake fluid in your car absorbs moisture and therefore has a limited life. PEPCAR workshops have the latest electronic brake fluid diagnostic and brake servicing equipment to test your brake fluid for excessive moisture levels and to replace the fluid if required. Replacing the hydraulic brake fluid must be performed correctly and ALL of the old, contaminated fluid must be flushed out and removed completely or the new fluid will be contaminated by any traces of the old brake fluid. Brake fluid has a very high boiling point which varies from car to car.

Your cars brake fluid protects the metal parts of the brake system from rust or corrosion. The brake fluid is also the lubricant for the braking systems moving parts. There are different types of brake hydraulic fluid too and it is critical that the correct fluid is used so as not to damage the rubber seals and hoses. If you think you have a problem with your brakes or cant remember changing the fluid in the last 2 years, contact PEPCAR immediately to arrange a brake inspection and fluid test.