Tyre & Wheel Alignment Service

Affordable tyres service in Melton and Bacchus Marsh

Your cars tyres are the only part of the car that is in contact with the road, so it is critical that they are in good condition and properly maintained. Your car’s stability, steering and stopping ability all rides on your tyres. PEPCAR has all the facilities and equipment required to carry out wheel alignment (front and rear), wheel balance, puncture repair and tyre replacement

Wheel Alignment

If your cars wheel alignment is out of specification it can cause rapid tyre wear, excessive fuel consumption or unsafe and unpredictable handling. Driving over pot holes, speed bumps, kerbs and gutters can easily affect your wheel alignment. Worn ball joints, shock absorbers, steering and suspension bushes, steering linkages and wheel bearings will also have a serious impact on your wheel alignment and your cars handling, steering and braking. Pepcar Technicians have undergone countless hours of advanced training in the areas of steering and suspension so if you need a wheel alignment in Melton or a wheel alignment in Bacchus Marsh then call Pepcar now to make an appointment.

Tyre Replacement

Driving with worn tyres is extremely dangerous. Even just one worn tyre can cause your car to spin when braking in the wet. Pepcar carries most common sizes of passenger car and light commercial tyres and we have the equipment required to fit and balance them properly. Our range includes Maxxis and GT Radial which were rated first and second by Choice magazine in their 2014 tyre review. If your looking for tyres in Melton or tyres in Bacchus Marsh then call Pepcar now to make an appointment.

Tyre Pressures

Incorrect tyre pressures will cause your tyres to wear out quicker and your car to handle poorly. Adjust your tyre pressures to the range recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. You should find this information on the tyre placard sticker inside the front door pillar, inside the glove box, under the fuel flap or in the owner’s handbook. Correct tyre pressure will also reduce rolling resistance therefore improving fuel efficiency. You should check your tyre pressures every one or two weeks and only when they are cold. Be wary of service station gauges that have been dropped or mistreated. An inaccurate tyre pressure gauge will give a false reading. Pepcar offers free tyre pressure checks to our customers using our calibrated gauges, so if you need a car service in Melton or a car service in Bacchus Marsh then call Pepcar now to make an appointment.